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School Careers Management

We thoughts we'd start our blog by sharing some resources in the area of "School Careers Management"

Outstanding Directions
is a simple self-evaluation tool that shows you what you need to do to improve career guidance within your organisation. Once you rate where you are, it gives you advice on how to improve and the means to get you there.  It’s free.  For further information go to http://www.outstandingdirections.org.uk .

CEGNET Guide to evaluating your Careers Programme
is a very useful guide to the key stages of the evaluation framework – initiating, planning, enquiring, reporting, action and review.   Download the document at http://www.cegnet.co.uk/uploads/resources/Cegnet_guide_to_evaluating_your_careers_programme.pdf 

The Matrix Standard
is a quality standard for organisations to assess and measure their advice and support services.  It looks at leadership and management, resources, service delivery and continuous improvement.  Go to http://matrixstandard.com/ for further details.  

Investor in Careers (IiC)
is the quality award of choice for hundreds of schools/colleges, FE Colleges, Training Providers and primary schools across the country. IiC is the leading quality award for recognising excellence in Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance.   See http://www.investorincareers.org.uk/  for further details.

National Career Guidance Shows
take place in Leicester, Leeds and London during the spring term.  They are aimed at professional career guidance advisers, careers educators, careers teachers, managers and practitioners working with young people, students, graduates and adults. Visitors can attend seminars from keynote speakers on relevant and contemporary topics, learn from insight and industry talks, network with like-minded professionals and meet targeted organisations and companies. Go to http://nationalcareerguidanceshow.com/  for further information.

STEM Careers Toolkit
contains good practice tips and examples of how to successfully relate subject knowledge and the curriculum to careers choice and the labour market, directly linked to the National STEM Learning Centre’s resource collection, a bank of over 10,000 resources. Go to https://www.stem.org.uk/elibrary/resource/103814  for further information.

The London Careers Hub
hosts events for careers advisers and teachers about the latest trends in different job markets.   Teachers and Careers Advisers can come together and take away knowledge to help people make informed career choices.  See http://www.centralcareershub.co.uk/  for further detail.